[S.I.E], an acronym for Space Interactional Experience, is an interdisciplinary art, science and technology group whose key divulgative concern is to bring people, as mundane users of technology, "one step closer" to the immensity of the physical reality, perceived through the limits of human knowledge/cognition, via experiential and immersive installations.

The group, composed by six members and open to collaboration, meet at MedialLab Prado Madrid and Google Campus. The group has been active since Winter 2016, after coinciding in the NASA SpaceAppsChallenge 2016 competition, where the project First took form. We recently presented the concept behind the BlackSonicHole project together with The Artian at the Google Campus in Madrid. 

Pablo Méndez Zapardiel

His work spans many disciplines. He combines his knowledge as an architect with his passion around Art, Design and Technology. Aware that the future challenges go through learning how to solve complex situations, he works with multidisciplinary groups. Nowadays he develops innovation projects as a co-founder, trying to generate new experiences by using Art and Science.

David Morante González

Aerospace Engineer, currently doing a PhD on Space Trajectory Optimization, developing new tools that could make interplanetary missions more affordable in terms of travel time or propellant consumed. He is fascinated by the cutting-edge technology developed by the space sector and willing to use this knowledge to help others.  He is also passionate about Astronomy and the mysteries of outer space.

Dr. Miguel Oliveros 

BA (Hons), MRes, PhD. Fine artist, researcher and programmer exploring the representation of the sublime and immaterial object/experience via new media technologies, such as, for example: reactive immersive and performative audiovisual installations, emphasizing in open source languages and code. He has extensive experien ce in the form of commissions, patronages, collaborations and exhibitions in the creative industries & academia. He is the Creative Director of A.P.A (Acústica Profesional Aplicada)

Daniel Pérez Grande

BSc, MSc. Aerospace Engineer, currently pursuing a PhD on plasma physics for advanced Space propulsion. His main passion is Humanity’s exploration of Space and has strived to help popularize the science and engineering behind these incredible feats. More broadly, he is interested in the cross-sections between Science and the civil society, including Arts and Politics, and in the ever-fascinating discipline of Futurism.

Alejandro Serrano Zaera 

Frontend and backend programmer with training in graphic design and user experience. Fascinated by New Technologies and Technological Development Business with highly innovative content, using Agile development methodologies. He loves to gamify Solidarity Projects for ngo organizations, for that reason he created  “Gamification for a cause”, a non-profit organization that is primarily dedicated to training courses and gamify projects for NGOs.

*Have colaborated:     Celia Talamante Rubio      Sthef Folgar


Participation in the international and interdisciplinary event Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence in Art&Science 2017. 

Conference: Black Sonic Hole: An immersive and interactive sonic soundscape based on Schwarzschild's Geodesics for Black Holes.

Event on Google Campus organized with The Artian titled Black Sonic Hole

Global Nomination and People's Choice Nomination at Space Apps Challenge 2016

Selected to take part in the creative transformation event Zinc Shower 2016